August 6, 2014

Crass Mammoth. Get into it.

July 23, 2014
"I’ve never traveled in packs. I’ve always sort of been on the outside. I’ve always been the stranger. Art works better in places where you are allowed to have your deepest eccentricities come out. You need a really good space for that. Sometimes it’s bars, and sometimes it’s like Trinity Church in Toronto. We played in a burrito restaurant the other night. It was amazing."

— Jeff Buckley.

February 21, 2014

one thing is for certain, i’m still standing here, i should have known…

January 27, 2014

can he be as mean as me?

can he cut you in your sleep?

January 25, 2014

as if you were a kingmaker, as if as if as if as if…

January 23, 2014

last night I dreamt that I grew wings…

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September 13, 2013


August 15, 2013
"I don’t like TV. Never have. It always sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t just walk on and do ‘Rockin’ in the Free World,’ or you’ll look like a fuckin’ idiot. To perform that song the way it’s supposed to be performed you have to be at peak blood level, everything has to be up, the machine has to be stoked."

Neil Young on performing on SNL in 1989.

Later, Young commented that he worked with a trainer before going onstage to work himself up to the encore intensity level when he normally performs the song after 2 hours on stage. Neil came on the set as if he had just performed the concert of his life and went from there.”

July 8, 2013

Pearl Jam have announced a North American tour that will begin this fall.


Pearl Jam have announced a North American tour that will begin this fall.

March 15, 2013
"Fuck guilty pleasure. How about … just pleasure? I can truthfully say, out loud, that “Gangnam Style” is one of my favorite fucking songs of the past decade. It is! Is it any better or worse than the latest Atoms for Peace album? Hmmmm … If only we had a celebrity panel of judges to determine that for us! What would J-Lo do? Paging Pitchfork, come in, come in!!! Pitchfork, we need you to help us determine the value of a song!!! Who fucking cares!!!! I fucking LOVE IT!!! Who is to say what’s a good voice and what’s not a good voice. The Voice? Imagine Bob Dylan standing there singing “Blowin in the Wind” in front of Christina Aguilera. “Mmmmm … I think you sound a little nasally and sharp. Next …”"

Dave Grohl.